Wira & Taksa Against the Master of Gravity coming to Steam on Thursday


Wira & Taksa is a videogame that mixes the platforms and breaks heads, adding to them the special component of mixing the gravities of the universe to generate in the users a fantastic and fun game experience.  The game handles an orthogonal or two-dimensional view however being built entirely in 3 dimensions we decided to exploit this feature in certain parts of the level where the world literally turns 90 degrees letting the player discover a new area to explore and travel.

The levels of the game are not easy to overcome since almost everyone is made up of different traps and enemies, it is for this reason that the game is designed to be overcome using two characters.  Wira, the strongest warrior, endowed with a weapon (Iron Hammer), will be in charge of overcoming areas that are populated by enemies, however, this character has a limited speed which makes him vulnerable to traps.  Taksa the fastest and most dynamic, his speed makes him able to escape the traps very easily, however, he does not have the strength enough to eliminate the enemies that he finds in his way.  Using the two characters in a balanced way the player will be able to overcome the levels of the game and in this way free the peaceful planet Nun from the spell of the ruthless “Master of Gravity”.

Wira & Taksa Against the Master of Gravity will be released on Steam on Thursday, August 27.