Wild West Online Departs Early Access And Fully Releases On Steam


Grab a six-shooter and jump into the expansive open-world frontier of Wild West-themed action MMO Wild West Online. Departing Early Access and launching as a full release on Steam today, Wild West Online allows players to create their own western story by partaking in activities such as a faction conflict that pits rival gangs in an ongoing territorial fight against each other, robust world exploration, expansive resource gathering and crafting, PVP combat, PVE missions with NPC quests, and much more.

In Wild West Online players can become the Western folk hero of their dreams, whether it be sheriff, outlaw, homesteader and more. Journey to The West by purchasing Wild West Online at either http://www.playwwo.com/ or on Steam.

Wild West Online features a bevy of new content with full release based on community feedback to create a compelling western experience. Major new features since the Early Access version include:

  • Faction Territorial War – Join one of two rival factions waging war to control the valuable resources of Willwood Country, then fight with fellow faction members to control towns and territories. In upcoming expansions these factions will also battle over mines, oil rigs and train depots.
  • Create A Posse Or Ride Solo – Choose to ride free with a gang of friends or alone, explore the expansive world, fight for the law or be a bandit, and participate in Public PVP events happening around the frontier.
  • Expanded PVE Quests – Embark on PVE quests given by NPCs in the world to gain experience points in order to learn new skills, unlock new gear, upgrade guns and customize characters and trusty steeds.

The Homestead Life – Or live a simpler life by buying a ranch, decorating it, farming the land, hunting wildlife, and using crafting skills to produce goods and alcohol for sale to town merchants and other players.

To create an even further gripping experience, the development team will continue building out the larger world and integrating new content to create the best experience for players. This includes having Wild West Online’s world age through the years. When players enter Wild West Online today they will start in the mid-1800s with a frontier dynamic and during the coming years the world will evolve as it moves into the late-1800s and eventually into the early 20th century.

For more information regarding Wild West Online please visit http://www.playwwo.com/.