Come Over Gaming announce today that the first-person psychological horror game in virtual reality, DreamBack VR, will be released on June 10th for $24.99/€24.99 on Steam VR, with a launch discount of a 10% off. To mark this announcement, Come Over also releases today a new trailer of the game.  

In DreamBack VR, you get into the skin of a normal man, mentally and spiritually scarred after a traumatizing experience in an abandoned Victorian mansion. After being called to repair a broken electrical line, you had to spend the night in the eerie Rickfford Mansion. What happened there changed and damaged you forever — even though you lost your memories of that fateful night, the nightmares and hallucinations you have suffered since then convinced you to face your own demons by reviving the night that changed your life through hypnosis. But there are some memories that are best left unearthed…

DreamBack VR is a virtual reality, first-person psychological horror game where you explore the eerie Rickfford Mansion, trying to unravel its mysteries and survive the experience with your sanity intact. Months ago, you were called to repair a downed electrical line in an old abandoned Victorian estate. What happened that night left you in shock – and after some time trying to flee from your own self, from the glimpses of memories that torment you in the night, you decide to bring back that accursed night through hypnosis and face your terrors… But now you are not sure if you can survive your own memories.


  • Experience terror in your own skin: designed as a VR-exclusive game, feel the horror in your own skin in a fully interactive and detailed immersive environment
  • A spine-chilling experience of psychological terror: explore the eerie Rickfford Mansion and solve its enigmas through observation and intuition, without combat or action-oriented sections. It’s only you and your wits against the unknown…
  • See. Listen. Tremble: enjoy an outstanding visual quality with stable frame rates and adaptive graphic options, as well as immersive and harrowing audio and sound, with dynamic spatial and binaural audio.