Soap Dodgem Review – Switch


I never thought I’d see the day where I’m playing video games and the objective is to clean my bathroom.  That’s exactly what you’re doing in Soap Dodgem developed by Lost Ducks.  Available on Nintendo Switch for only $7, as well as Android or IOS, this squeaky clean adventure comes with over 120 levels, 5 different kinds of obstacles to overcome, and has a level editor so you can create and upload your own design for others to attempt to beat as well. There is also a leaderboard system for best times available.

The concept is pretty easy; you move soap around a bathroom floor by going up, down, left or right and head in the same direction till you hit an obstacle, the yucky mold, or you slide off the edge of the floor. Soap Dodgem starts off really simple with just a red soap going in a single line and then right back to its soap holder of matching color. The game progressively advances in difficulty by adding obstacles which do different things depending on which ones are in your way such as toilet paper rolls acting as cushioning and stopping you from potentially falling off the floor but also then being moved by the impact of you sliding into it. Other obstacles such as the magic drain will teleport you to the other end of it instantly and other silly cleaning themed items get added. 

Eventually you’ll be controlling multiple different colored soaps with the same objective, clean up as much of the mold as you can and then get the soap back to its receptacle to finish the level. An interesting part of the levels is all those obstacles you run into while avoiding careening off the edge and cleaning up mold can also hold an item called “The Golden Bubble” which just adds a nice little extra splash to the completion screen but doesn’t affect gameplay, so you really do want to try and hit every obstacle when possible if you want to complete everything perfectly.

Soap Dodgem has a nice relaxing theme throughout the whole game regardless of level or obstacles you might be facing, which makes it that much more laid back and relaxing.  You aren’t under any stress with tense music or a timer counting down to make you think you have to hurry. My two-year old really enjoyed the colors and easily picked up the mechanics after a few minutes teaching him how to slide, he didn’t complete any levels but he certainly enjoyed seeing the soap zoom around the floor. I could see both of us sitting on the couch, me holding my switch, and him just watching me flick the soaps around for a few hours.  Considering the quality of the user created levels I experienced, some people just have a knack for those things.

Overall it’s a pretty laid back and quick game that gives you a break from anything else you might be playing that involves much more deeper thinking or trigger finger reactions. I enjoyed the pace, the music, and the fact that you don’t even really have to clean up all the mold left behind to complete a level, you can do as much as you want to progress and then return later to go for the perfect score, you just play, and that’s what games are really all about anyways.