Pinball FX2 – Deadpool Table Review – PC/Steam, PS3, PS4, Vita


Zen Studios continues to bolster their eclectic line-up of DLC pinball tables for Pinball FX2 with their latest addition to their Marvel licensed collection, Deadpool.   Released as a standalone table for only $2.99, you can enjoy this hilarious and challenging new pinball table on PC, Xbox and PlayStation and even your favorite mobile device.  We had the chance to play the new Deadpool table on the PC and PlayStation where one code gets you the PS3, PS4, and Vita versions thanks to cross-buy support.

As always, the Pinball FX2 engine maintains that slick balance of fun and realism with fantastic ball physics and responsive controls.  You can enjoy the game from a variety of static and panning camera views and if you are playing on the Vita you can even flip the system 90-degrees and play vertically.  The Deadpool table is one of the more complex designs in the entire library of tables.   The background art is very “busy”, and there are all sorts of chutes, rails, and hidden areas, making it easy to lose track of the ball.


Of course the big selling point for anything with the Deadpool name on it is the attitude, and Nolan North who voiced the Merc with a Mouth (and his other personalities) in last summers action-packed video game, is back to lend his special vocal talents to the lengthy list of quips and one-liners you’ll be hearing while playing this new table.  As always, Deadpool is a fan of breaking the fourth wall, so expect him to comment on your performance from time to time. While I have noted my annoyance with previous pinball tables with excessive repeating dialogue, hearing Nolan ramble on never gets boring no matter how many times I hear the same line.

The rules of the table are worth checking out if you ever want to learn all the secrets and hidden layers within the design.  There are plenty of selectable side missions and they even put a mini version of the pinball table inside the pinball table.  There are plenty of fun animations of Deadpool in full costume as he prances around and interacts with the table and he even launches your ball with a TNT plunger.

Trying to describe this wild and crazy Deadpool table any further is futile so just go watch our video of the PC version to see what it’s all about then decide which platform is right for you.  It’s a pretty even match between the PS4 and PC versions, but I do feel the DualShock 4 offers slightly more responsive flipper action than the PC using a 360 controller, plus you get to play the table on any other Sony platform you already own.

No matter which platform you choose, if you are a fan of the Pinball FX2 game, Marvel, or especially Deadpool, you must add this table to your collection at once.

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