Unforgiven VR – Multiplayer Western Duels now on Early Access


Unforgiven brings the thrill of western duels

Unforgiven is a VR multiplayer game for HTC Vive that let you become a western duelist and face other player in a real shooting duel where a split second can make the difference. The game lets you search for fast duels with anyone or duel the IA in several rounds to decide who wins and who losses. Thrive in the ruthless social world of Unforgiven and become a true legend.

The game is available on Early Access on Steam. The development has been divided in different stages grouping features, shaped by the community. From a dueling system and 4 characters it will grow by adding permadeath, cosmetic items, rewards on your head and a nickname system based on how you play. Will you be “Dirty Sullivan” or “Fast Sullivan” or maybe “Deadly Sullivan”?

The game is released at $4,99 and it will raise with every stage to approximately $29,99.