Top Selling VR Game Raw Data Gets Major Update


Today VR developer Survios is releasing its first major update for Raw Data since the game hit Early Access on Steam. Raw Data — the ultimate multiplayer VR combat game for the HTC Vive headset — debuted as the #1 selling game on Steam’s Top Seller’s list when it was first released, a first for any VR game.


The Raw Data game update introduces:

New Content & Features

New Mission – Nuke Fusion

  • Experience an all-new Data Chamber-centric area of Eden Corp. Shoot enemies and dodge death beams as you teleshift across precarious platforms, all radiating from the massive reactor powering Eden’s facilities.

New Enemy – Mega Dynomo

  • With your continuous disruptions of their plan, Eden Corp had to bring out the big guns–literally. Meet the Mega Dynomo: your encounter with him is certain to be smashing. (Pro tip: if you don’t want to deal with the Mega, make taking out those bots booking it to the reactor your top priority!)

New Enemy – Beamfire Mekomo

  • The upgraded model of the Burstfire Mekomo (of which you’ve already destroyed hundreds) fires solid plasma energy beams with far greater accuracy than its spray-and-pray brethren.

New Defense – Plasma Turret

  • Turrets: they’ve always got your back. Now you can get an even more powerful version that eschews lasers in favor of plasma-powered directed-energy beams.

New Feature – Rack-Up Screen

  • Once you’re back in the showroom after completing a mission, Mission Control will share a Data Link displaying your total uploaded raw data, mission scores, Crypto currency rewards, and available unlocked technologies–a.k.a. everything you need to know.

New Feature – Difficulty System

  • Whether you go it alone or team up with a fellow operative, now you can adjust how hard-hitting Eden’s security system handles your infiltration. There’s even a Nightmare mode for those daring (or foolish) enough to face a truly brutal challenge…

New Feature – Leaderboards

  • Think you’re the top of SyndiK8’s rankings? Now you can find out for sure with official Raw Data global rankings for individual players! (Note: leaderboards will be periodically cleared throughout Early Access period.)

New Feature – Multiplayer Quickplay

  • Team up and jump in. What are you waiting for? Humanity depends on you!


Gameplay Improvements/Balance

  • Cloak Tekomo Improvements – The Cloak Tekomo (“Ninja Bot”) has been gotten a software upgrade with new advanced dodging, cloaking, and combo mechanics. If you sense his presence, be sure to protect your turrets.
  • Saija Buff – Saija has received various buffs to her stats and abilities across the board that should make her more competitive with Bishop’s damage output.
  • Cooldown Audio – Added a sound effect to indicate when ability cooldowns have refreshed.



  • Mission Return – When you return to the showroom after a mission, the main menu now defaults to the level select screen if you are the game host or are a single player.
  • Multiplayer Launch – It is no longer possible to launch a multiplayer game with only one player in the lobby.
  • Sky Push – As Bishop, it is no longer possible to get into a state where the player character is continuously pushed upward toward the sky.
  • Gun Loss – The user is no longer able to lose access to one of their guns using toggle/hold controls by dropping guns after firing a Fusion Shot.