Top-down shooter roguelike SYNTHETIK out now on consoles!


SYNTHETIK: Ultimate offers a novel experience by combining the classic top down shooter experience with modern rogue-like elements. Fast-paced gameplay means that death is just an opportunity to try out a different character, a new starting loadout, or fresh tactics.

After battles you can take a breather to consider your options, or press on to the Heart of Armageddon – SYNTHETIK is all about giving you choices. Players get a lot of freedom to choose how to equip their characters and upgrade their gear as they blast through hordes of robotic enemies – there are hundreds of weapons, upgrades, and mods to discover. And believe it or not, SYNTHETIK just got even more content with the free Ultimate Edition upgrade, also released today!

Flow Fire Games cofounder Eric Krutten said: “Today we’re celebrating our awesome fanbase and their loyal support with a big update just in time for Christmas! The release of SYNTHETIK: Ultimate and the Ultimate Edition will see us expand on the story of SYNTHETIK, something long-awaited by fans, along with lots of exciting new content. It’s been a constant pleasure from day one to see what kind of loadout synergies and combos the community comes up with in-game – today’s update is going to shake that up and create even more possibilities than before! We’re thrilled at the great reception so far and hope that Ultimate will keep fans playing for even longer!

The Ultimate Edition

Today’s free expansion adds a whole lot of extra content to SYNTHETIK on all devices. The Ultimate Edition adds new items for combo building, enhanced story elements, new enemies, a new final challenge, and more!

  • The game now ends with the new Armageddon Room, where you must survive a furious assault by the Red Guard as you override the Heart of Armageddon to finally save humanity.
  • Nine new rare enemy squads may appear in your runs for extra challenge – face them head on or try to evade them. Also look out for ‘The Belt’, a new early game encounter…
  • A brand new terminal comes with 12 new items, all specially designed for insane synergy with other items to open up incredible new combos.
  • New story elements: prologue and victory cut scenes, plus new intros for every boss in the game!
  • Discover Ghetto Blasters to play one of 7 new music tracks – 3 Goa, 2 Cyberpunk and 2 Synthwave.
  • …and there’s much more! From interface enhancements and balance changes to four new weapon attachments.

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