The GTA Online San Andreas Flight School Update Now Available


We are happy to announce that the San Andreas Flight School Update is now available. The newest addition to the world of Grand Theft Auto Online includes new missions, jets, cars and player customization options alongside additional gameplay changes. Here are 12 new screenshots and the exciting new trailer:


  • 10 brand-new solo aerial challenge missions including combat maneuvering, low-flying challenges, formation flying and more.
  • All-new VS Mission Modes
  • New Races, Capture jobs, Contact Missions, Parachute Jumps, and more

Vehicles (Available in both single-player and multiplayer)

  • Jets – The highly maneuverable Western Besra training jet and the new 16-seater Buckingham Mil-Jet for easy crew transport.
  • Helicopters – New Buckingham Swift Classic and Flying Bravo
  • Cars – Invetero Coquette Classic sports car in both hard-top or topless configurations.


  • New Flight Suit attire for both male and female avatars
  • Customized parachutes and parachute bags
  • New Reserve Parachute to assist in extra creative or tactical jumps.

Payout Changes

  • All Contact Mission GTA$ and RP awards have been rebalanced so that more difficult missions will earn you greater rewards
  • GTA$ payouts on mission replays are no longer reduced and all rewards are now time scaled

The San Andreas Flight School Update for GTA Online is now available via automatic update 1.16 for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

GTA_Online_Flight School_12 GTA_Online_Flight School_10 GTA_Online_Flight School_9 GTA_Online_Flight School_8 GTA_Online_Flight School_7 GTA_Online_Flight School_6 GTA_Online_Flight School_5 GTA_Online_Flight School_4 GTA_Online_Flight School_3 GTA_Online_Flight School_2 GTA_Online_Flight School_1 GTA_Online_Flight School _11