TECMO KOEI America today revealed the first trailer for the PS4™ version of DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: XTREME LEGENDS COMPLETE EDITION highlighting intense melee with stunning graphics while also revealing several new modes. Details on the new modes include “Ambition Mode”, “Challenge Mode”, additions to “Free Mode” and “Story Mode”, which adds multiple hypothetical stages and side stories bringing even more diversity to the Three Kingdoms experience. Whether it be DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: XTREME LEGENDS COMPLETE EDITION on the PS4™ and PlayStation® Vita, or DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: XTREME LEGENDS on PlayStation®3, these titles will deliver the best DYNASTY WARRIORS game ever for players on any PlayStation® platform. Both titles will be released simultaneously across North America on March 25, 2014. The official website for DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: XTREME LEGENDS COMPLETE EDITION can be found at: http://www.tecmokoeiamerica.com/dw8xl/.

DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: XTREME LEGENDS (DW8XL) for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, is a stand-alone expansion of the highly successful Dynasty Warriors 8, which was released in July 2013 to critical acclaim. It will include new episodes that add to the story of the three kingdoms the game revolves around, focusing on the exploits of the mightiest of warriors, Lu Bu. Additionally, DW8XL will see the introduction of five new characters, giving players the option to choose between 82 warriors in total. DW8XL will also feature multiple hypothetical scenarios that alter the plotlines of various episodes throughout the ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ story, an expanded Ambition Mode and the popular Challenge Mode. The Free Mode has also been significantly enhanced, featuring among other things, the Xtreme Legends ‘Ultimate’ difficulty level.

DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: XTREME LEGENDS COMPLETE EDITION for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and PlayStation®Vita handheld system, is a treat for DYNASTY WARRIORS fans that have migrated to the new generation of consoles. The Complete Edition includes all of the content from both DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 and DYNASTY WARRIORS 8: XTREME LEGENDS, thus giving new fans the opportunity to play through both titles. As an added bonus, PlayStation 3 system Dynasty Warriors 8 save data is transferable across all platforms.

DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 is a historical tactical action game that follows the stories of the kingdoms of Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin through the actions of historical military and political figures of the time as they fight to gain control over the Three Kingdoms of China. It features more than 40 completely new stages: verdant plains, desolate wastelands, sharp ravines, huge castles, and other breath-taking sites, giving stronger emphasis in the stage of these epic battles and inspired by ancient landscapes.

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