Shiny – Robot Action Adventure Game Blasts Onto PC Today


The much-talked about, action platformer SHINY is finally making its debut as it launches today on PC, while the Xbox One version will release in October. Developed by independent video game developer Garage227 Studios and published on PC by 1C Company, SHINY places players in control of a compassionate robot named Kramer 227 as he flees a doomed planet while saving his robot friends along the way. Players must manage Kramer’s energy and utilize power-ups judiciously in order to escape without running out of energy and without leaving any friends behind.

Left to fend for himself after mankind abandoned the doomed planet Aurora, Kramer 227 must find a way to harvest energy and rescue his robotic friends before Aurora crashes into its sun. In his journey through 20 action-packed levels that will test platformer skills and reflexes, Kramer will probe the planet and overcome challenging obstacles, all while trying to conserve his limited life energy to power himself and his friends on their way to safety. Energy is running low on Aurora, so Kramer will have to collect batteries or use generators to recharge, as every action drains his power. Various power-ups collected along the way, including jetpacks, energy spheres and temperature regulators, can help him on this crucial journey.

 “SHINY is a game about saving lives and features zero violence or blood,” said Daniel Monastero, Co-Founder of Garage227. “With SHINY players will learn that sometimes the best way to save yourself is to help others and, just like in life, this isn’t so simple. Every action depletes precious energy so players must manage their resources carefully to avoid Kramer’s battery running dry.”

Starting today, SHINY’s digital art book and original soundtrack will also be available for purchase via digital distributers such as Steam. They can be purchased separately or together with the game itself in a “Deluxe Digital Bundle.”