Search for a Blue Sky in The Alliance Alive, Available Now!

Humans, Beastfolk, Daemons, and Penguins alike have gathered together for the adventure of a lifetime in The Alliance Alive, now available on the Nintendo 3DS™! Travel far and wide across myriad realms, build a well-trained party, “Awaken” powerful moves, and execute the perfect strategy with The Alliance Alive’s formation-based battle system. It’s up to your uncanny alliance to finally put an end to the chaos that’s devastating the world!

Prepare well for your long journey ahead with the launch trailer

From The Legend of Legacy developer FURYU Corporation, The Alliance Alive is out now for $39.99 (with commensurate European pricing). The game is available both physically and digitally in the Americas and digitally in Europe. 

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About The Alliance Alive

One thousand years ago, Daemons invaded the world of Humans

They subjugated Humanity and created the Great Barrier to separate the realms. The world was thrown into upheaval, and the Dark Current was born. It carved a cross-shaped swath across the ocean, swallowing countless cities in its wake. Humanity was decimated. Hundreds of years later, Daemons rule atop a hierarchical society. However, the time for resistance has come. The world is about to change yet again…

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