Released: June 26, 2012
Reviewed: July 3, 2012
Reviewed by: Jason Flick

Genre: Action
Players: 1
Also on: 360, PS3, Wii, DS

Supported Features:

  • Memory Save
  • Touchscreen
  • Gyroscope
  • Streetpass

  • What We Liked:
  • Smooth acrobatic combat
  • Gyroscope camera support
  • Classic Spidey Quips

    What We Didn't:

  • No city free-roam
  • Occasional camera issues
  • Flat textures in some levels

    The Final Score: (?)

  • The Amazing Spider-Man 3D

    The web-slinging, wall-crawling hero is back in an all new reboot movie that shows a different view on Spider-Man both in the movie and the newly released 3DS title, The Amazing Spider-Man. This time around The Amazing Spider-Man is still the wise-cracking vigilante that we know and love though with a few new and returning characters that are not of the red-haired variety.

    The story contained in the 3DS version of The Amazing Spider-Man takes place after the events of the movie, which certainly helped Beenox avoid any potential spoiler pitfalls. You'll be in charge of Spidey as you spend your time stopping a viral breakout originating from Dr. Conners' research. Along the way you will get to fight some classic Spideyverse villains as well as some towering bosses that are too large to be contained to the indoor level designs.

    One of the things that I quickly found out about the 3DS version is how remarkably close the events and levels are to the console versions. Under the continued collaboration with another of my peers, I found that almost everything from the placement of the collectibles to the level layouts and vocal script is exactly the same which is really impressive for a handheld game. The main difference between the 3DS and console versions is navigating between the story missions and the lack of an open-world city for Spidey to swing around and explore. While you won't see a lot of skyline, save for the outdoor "arena" boss fights, there is plenty of web action to be had. You'll find yourself mainly indoors in Oscorp owned properties, sewers and other locales. While this may appear to restrict Spidey's abilities, it really doesn't at all. Like any spider, you can crawl practically anywhere making any surface including the ceiling your "floor", and the perfect spot to launch an attack.

    You can still web-swing indoors, but the most effective way to get around is the new Web Rush feature. Much like the console version you can zip to any of several yellow Spidey snap points while holding down the X and looking around in slow motion. You can also quickly move to surfaces by pressing X while aiming in the general direction. There is also the ability to quickly evade and dodge attacks with the touch screen commands.

    The Amazing Spider-Man lets you tackle your fights pretty much your way throughout the game. You can rush into the room using melee and web attacks to subdue your enemies. That route is rather satisfying as this Peter Parker really knows how to dish out some pain on human, cross species, and robots alike. Combat is smooth and full of acrobatics showcasing how agile the web-slinger really is. The fighting style is very similar to what we've seen in the Arkham franchise, as you can literally switch from one enemy to another when surrounded or perform an instinctive reversal move.

    The other option is go the way of the spider and stealthily cocoon your targets on the ceiling,which also serve as breadcrumbs telling you were you have been. That is extremely useful as sometimes its rather confusing as to where you are and where you've been since your point of view constantly changes when wall crawling. I used the stealth option the majority of the time and quite frankly it never got old. They also do a nice job of switching up the stealth animation from time to time. Web crawling does have one drawback that has always caused issues with Spider-Man games and that is the camera. Luckily you can look around easily with the use of the 3DS gyroscope to help you get your bearings or locate your next target while on the ceiling.

    No matter how you defeat your foes you gain experience for doing it. Combos, signature attacks and how you take them down give you experience to level-up Spidey and purchase combat ability upgrades such as attack damage and double takedowns while in stealth. There are also tech upgrades to earn such as ballistics resistance and web-skills such as the web-cyclone. Unlike the XP upgrades, you have to find blue tech pieces throughout the levels to be able to purchase the tech upgrades.

    As I mentioned, there is no free roam city exploration so you will spend all of your time in Stan's apartment between each mission. The apartment functions as the hub of the game as well as the story driver in most cases. From here you can continue on with the story, replay previous missions to pick up missed collectibles and participate in the many challenges available. The challenges contain everything from timed attacks to stealth operations and basic defeat all scenarios.

    The Amazing Spider-Man for the 3DS features decent graphics, particularly in Spidey's design as well as the main characters. The level designs are nicely created and complex at times. The only drawback is that the 3DS version lacks fine detail so the environment does feel rather flat. The 3D, when enabled, actually looks pretty decent and adds a nice depth to the environments as well as Spider-Man's movements during some of the boss fights thanks to his ability to full on web swing. The only part about the 3D features is that the constant moving of the camera when fighting can make the effects potentially painful. I noticed some discomfort especially when using the gyroscope to look around as you often break your 3D sweet spot.

    The audio is quite good, even on the 3DS, thanks to the cool background music and sound effects. Every hit and web shot sounds crisp especially when wearing ear buds. The movie actors may not have lent their voices to their video game versions but the stand-ins did a pretty good job. As always, Peter Parker's iconic quips are numerous and repeated often, though there are still some good one liners mixed in the bunch.

    The Amazing Spider-Man features plenty for the player to due beyond the story. For starters there is finding all the collectibles such as a set number of magazines, audio logs and manuals. There is also a set number of photos that you need to take for Whitney Chang. Taking the photos is actually cool as you have to use the 3DS gyroscope to aim the camera and use the Up/Down or Y/X to zoom before snapping the desired shot. The game also features the exclusive Vigilante mode that utilizes both the 3DS StreetPass and Play Coins to further help the player in this mode. Vigilante mode is an included strategy/management game that give the player the ability to manage resources and have Spidey complete missions. If you pass another real player while StreetPass is enabled you will receive bonuses to aid you in the missions. Each mission is basically an automated game of tug-of-war whose successful outcome in based upon your resources and difficulty.

    Each mission requires a certain number of Action Points (AP) and loot to potentially be successful. Loot can be gathered by using AP on gather missions and then in turn used on the other missions. 1 AP is gained for every 5 minutes of real time until you hit your AP Cap. For those that actively carry their 3DS around you can also use your Play Coins in-game to redeem them for the filling of your AP Bar at the ratio of 1PC for 10% AP. This is a really nice feature for those that don't really want to wait to gain them the normal way. As you complete missions in Vigilante Mode, you also gain XP for your main game as well as a special reward upon its completion.

    I often find video game movie tie-ins to be mediocre at best but The Amazing Spider-Man is actually a really enjoyable 3DS experience. It may not have the big city environment or all those collectible comics like the console versions out there, but it still manages to be nearly identical to them in most ways; especially the core story missions. It was uncanny how I could play a level on the 3DS and turn right around and do it again on the 360 with little trouble. It's easily one of my favorite Spider-Man games to play out there despite my lack at being good at them. The smooth combat and easy-to-use controls are awesome and made the experience a lot more enjoyable. I definitely recommend picking up The Amazing Spider-Man for 3DS to expand your enjoyment of the new film now in theatres.