Quantum mechanics puzzle game “The Long Gate” launches September 22 for PC


The futuristic first-person puzzle PC title The Long Gate will launch on Steam on September 22 this year, retailing at $19.99. In this riveting title, players are tasked with solving incredibly mind-bending puzzles located in mysterious caverns by the ancient machines that fill them.

Versus the traditional binary approach of puzzle games, The Long Gate brings a non-linear style of problem solving. Players are free to tackle puzzles in almost any order they see fit and experiment with the three types of circuit-based puzzles: digital, analog, and quantum. The ancient caverns are riddled with ancient tech that is vital to solving the mysteries of the past.

In order to achieve theoretical accuracy, the game’s developer, David Shaw, partnered with a quantum computing company to develop the best possible quantum-based puzzles that any game can offer. Players will be intuitively introduced to quantum mechanics and use their skills to operate simple quantum computers that serve an unknown purpose.

The full list of game features includes:

  • 3 types of circuit-based puzzles through digital, analog, and quantum circuits with an optional hints mode.
  • Open exploration where players can explore the caverns and complete puzzles in almost any order they choose.
  • Beautiful graphics and atmospheric scenery.
  • A mysterious story told through interactions with enigmatic creatures.
  • A mesmerizing original soundtrack by musician Nick Newman.
  • Available for PC and Linux on launch with Mac coming later.