Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE Spain) and XPLORA, the European leader in wearables for children, announced today the release of Aces of the Multiverse, a PS4™-exclusive title that encourages physical activity amongst its players. The game will be released as a digital-only title in the European PlayStation Store® for 14,99€. Players in North America will be able to access the game from Saturday 28th December 2019.

This new title from the PlayStation Talents® initiative is a fantasy and sports local multiplayer game where different species from the multiverse compete in tricky football matches that will put players’ skills to a test. The game mixes strategy, sports, and trading cards, with each team possessing special abilities depending on its planet of origin.

Developed by Gammera Nest (indie studio which recently won the Best Serious Game Award in the Fun & Serious Game Festival), Aces of the Multiverse is the first game that will reward players for partaking in exercise. Using XPLORA’s smartwatches, the activity registered and linked to each player’s in-game profile turns into trading cards that reward physical activity. There are three different trading cards (characters, items, and events) sorted into three different categories: common, rare and special.

Aces of the Multiverse players will be able to choose any of the three different species in the game: bears, mutants and aliens with each of these having seven characters and one Ace, a leading character with special moves. All of the 21 characters in the game have their own evolution and players will have to combine them in the most powerful ways to become a multiverse champion in any of the three arenas available.

Aces of the Multiverse features story, local multiplayer and single-player vs AI mode. “Developing our first video game partnering with PlayStation has been a great opportunity for us”, says Jesús Llamazares, XPLORA CEO. “Our mission is to encourage children to exercise outdoors and this video game has challenged us to innovate, mixing for the first time your real life with your virtual one”.

“We are very excited about Aces of the Multiverse being released for PlayStation®4 and also about the fact that the game is being developed by a Spanish studio”, adds Jorge Huguet, marketing director of PlayStation Iberia. “We share with XPLORA a joint objective to offer innovative experiences for our consumers and this game is a great example of it. PlayStation fans are continuously looking for new ways of entertainment and the combination of the videogame and the technology brought by XPLORA will bring them an exciting experience for the families”.


  • Exercise outdoors and get rewards in-game
  • Compete against your friends in fun, tricky and surprising football matches
  • Choose between three different species (bears, mutants, aliens), each with 7 different players
  • Collect trading cards to improve your squad and become the champion of the Multiverse