Play 7 sports on the VIVE with VR Sports!


Bad at sports?  No problem.  So easy to play, even those who can’t play sports can dominate.  You can now use controllers for a brand new yet realistic way of playing sports!

Choose from a variety of sports

  • Bowling:Select from bowling balls that vary in weight, color and control; Bumper option for bowling beginners
  • Homerun Derby:Great stress reliever and work out!  Knock it out of the park and into the stars!
  • Soccer:Defend your goal from multiple opponents.  Beware of the gold ball…
  • Basketball:Using a classic 3-point contest format, rack up your score in the given time limit.  Hit the money ball shot for extra points of course!
  • Japanese Archery:Kyudo.  An ancient Japanese tradition.  Hold your breath for maximum accuracy and aim for the bulls-eye.
  • Clay Shooting:The classic Olympic sport now in VR!  Test your shot as you aim for the flying clay pigeons.  Easy to play but requires skill to master!
  • Boxing:Defeat 3 different opponents by dodging, throwing body shots, and landing blows to the face!  Shake the controllers to get up if you fall 😉


  • For all ages and skill levels.  Gamers and families alike can get in on the casual fun.
  • Each sport requires a different set of skills and utilizes completely different controls.
  • Compete with players all over the world to achieve the highest score
  • Realistic experience in each sport
  • Be prepared for a workout!

Coming to Steam 3/13!