OUTWARD – The Human Side of Adventuring


Imagine a new world in which you are not some powerful hero, but a true adventurer.  In OUTWARD, that is exactly who you are. You are not some special chosen one or one to fulfill some great prophecy, you are an adventurer who is constantly in danger. You have to balance everything from weight management, hunger, thirst, sleep, and more.

You are vulnerable. No matter what you do, every situation you find yourself in must be handled with care and with a strategic mind. You’re death will be neigh assured as you travel across the world fighting monsters and bandits, but don’t worry this is not the end!

With Outward’s dynamic death scenarios you won’t find yourself resetting at some checkpoint to fight the same enemies in the same situations. Some deaths may lead to you being captured by bandits or waking up somewhere completely different.

Experience Outward alone or with a friend in local and online co-op with a friend and travel the world however you please, with no tethers to the host of the world!

Outward is the adventure game for those who seek to enjoy a true adventure and experience a dynamic story where your choices make a real impact in the world!

Outward will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam on March 26th, 2019