Out-of-this-world arcade puzzler PIT BLOCKS 3D launching Sept. 27


Pit Blocks 3D will soon arrive on Steam, itch.io, Humble Bundle, and Game Jolt. Get your puzzle on with one-of-a-kind, trippy 3D environments and prepare your mind for some heavy block busting:

Pit Blocks 3D takes the road less traveled with a unique twist on Tetris-style gameplay. For starters, the action takes place on a number of fully-realized 3D environments: Fantasy, Ice Cave, Painted Forest, Solar System, and Volcano. Each environment features a distinct art style and is rife with minions and bosses that must be faced. An individual storyline with unlockable content is revealed at the end of every level.

The gameplay is deceptively simple: You’ll need to not only stack your bricks but also do so on all three axes: X, Y, and Z. Thankfully, the mouse (or a gamepad) allows you to view the playfield from literally every angle – and game modes (Basic, Advanced and Expert) have a tangible effect on brick sizes and score. You can essentially customize the game down to personal preference and the sort of mood you happen to be in.

Pit Blocks 3D goes beyond standard puzzle-solving: Perform at a high level to dodge “ice missiles” fired by minions in the Ice Cave – and face the Troll and his pal, the fearsome Leviathan, in the Fantasy environment. With more than 20,000 achievements and sheer gameplay variety, Pit Blocks 3D is perfect for a generous break from the chaos of everyday life.

Key Features:

  • Enjoy 5 stunning 3D environments decked with their own unique storylines.
  • Choose from 3 different game modes (Basic, Advanced and Expert) – each with varying brick sizes!
  • Unlock special story cards for a deeper dive.
  • Go for a specific pit size – or let the game choose for you.
  • Jam to a high-quality, thematic soundtrack.
  • Pursue more than 20,000 achievements.

Pit Blocks 3D will be available on Steam, itch.io, Humble Bundle, and Game Jolt on Thursday, September 27 for $7.99 – a 20% discount. The game will return to its original price of $9.99 on October 4.