Old-timey arcade shooter Bartlow’s Dread Machine now available on Steam Early Access


In 1907, A.H. Bartlow invented an extraordinary device: a video game that predated the age of modern electronics.  Developers Beep Games and Tribetoy have painstakingly recreated this amazing feat of technology in their arcade shooter Bartlow’s Dread Machine — and you can play it today on Steam Early Access!

President Teddy Roosevelt has been kidnapped! It’s up to you — a secret service agent made of tin — to take down the anarcho-Satanists behind his abduction and restore the American way of life.  Track the President’s kidnappers through New York City and across the Great Plains to San Francisco in today’s Early Access release, which includes the first three of six chapters.

Face the challenge alone or team up with a trusted friend in couch co-op mode. Adjustable difficulty levels (including per-player difficulty in co-op mode) make the bullet-hell gameplay accessible to players of all ages and abilities.  You can even step into the tiny shoes of four unlockable historical figures — Pearl Heart, Bass Reeves, Annie Oakley, or Zombie General Custer — each with their own unique weapons and skills.

Bartlow’s Dread Machine costs $14.99 USD on Steam Early Access and will be updated about once a month with new levels, characters, weapons, and upgrades, leading up to its full Steam and Xbox One release this fall.