Oh Dear. Two Horrible Geese! Free two-player update comes to Untitled Goose Game on September 23rd


In the worst possible news for inhabitants of picturesque villages, Untitled Goose Game is getting the addition they’d least hoped for: an extra goose.

On September 23rd, players will be able team up with a friend to cause as much minor anguish as they please in Untitled Goose Game, in a new local two-player cooperative mode. What better way to spend some quality time with a loved one than completely wrecking an unsuspecting village as a couple of geese?

In this free update for all platforms, players will be able to enjoy the entire game as two horrible geese, with a new horrible honk, teaming up to plan some horrible pranks, and generally being horrible to everyone together.

For people who like physical games, preorders for the first-ever Untitled Goose Game physical edition (Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4) are live on iam8bit.com. Recently announced by iam8bit, in collaboration with Panic Inc. and House House, with distribution by Skybound Games, the physical editions, as well as a unique vinyl soundtrack, will release on Sept. 29, 2020. These physical editions are also accompanied by the iam8bit-exclusive “Lovely Edition,” with eco-friendly packaging made with premium recycled materials.

Also, with this release, Untitled Goose Game will be available for the first time on both Steam and Itch.io, alongside the existing platforms of Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and the Epic Game Store.