Obsidian Entertainment’s new Armored Warfare gameplay trailer


Award-winning developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher My.com have released a new explosive gameplay trailer for Armored Warfare, the team-based modern military vehicle combat game, in advance of E3 2014. Registration has also begun for Armored Warfare’s closed beta testing. Gamers looking to get into the action early can register at: http://aw.my.com.

Showcasing new in-game environments players will engage across fully destructible battlefields in Armored Warfare, rendered by CryEngine 3 and completely at the mercy of players. Players can smash their tanks through walls at full speed, or strategically collapse buildings with the blast of a cannon, creating a constantly evolving warzone that forces players to always think about their next moves. From sleepy hamlets to war torn desert outposts to snow covered cathedrals, nowhere is safe from destruction in Armored Warfare.