In anticipation of the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Three One Zero and 505 Games unveil the latest trailer for ADR1FT, the new FPX (First-Person Experience) due out this September.

Three One Zero, in association with 505 Games and award winning visual effects production studio Blur (Star Wars, Halo, Batman, Bioshock), presents a breathtaking, intense and cinematic ADR1FT experience that juxtaposes the serene beauty of space and the danger of being stranded alone in it.

In the trailer, a majestic Earth and Hardiman Aerospace Northstar IV are revealed, spinning gently in space underneath the somber piano of Ludwig van Beethoven’s masterpiece “Moonlight Sonata” (performed by Brian Bell of Weezer) while Commander Alex Oshima does everything in her power to adapt and survive her hostile environment.


ADR1FT is the story of an astronaut who wakes up floating silently in space amongst the debris of destroyed space station…the only survivor of a catastrophic event, with no memory, a critically damaged EVA suit leaking oxygen and no way home.

ADR1FT immerses you in a beautiful and solitary science fiction world, where the environment is the enemy and your mission is to stay alive and return home safely to Earth. As you explore the wreckage in zero gravity, searching desperately for precious resources, the events leading to the destruction begin to unfold and tell an emotional story of action, consequence and redemption.


ADR1FT will be available for Playstation4, Xbox One and STEAM in September 2015 and all major Virtual Reality (VR) platforms upon hardware release.