Navigate an ocean of sand in the action RPG Sands of Aura arriving in 2021


Chashu Entertainment today announced that Sands of Aura, the studio’s latest project, will arrive on Steam Early Access in 2021.

Featuring stunning Unreal 4 graphics – including eye-opening level design, creature modeling and particle effects – Sands of Aura delivers the brutal difficulty of Souls-like games, along with rewarding dungeon crawling, addictive loot progression, and hardcore real-time combat.

In Sands of Aura, a powerful spell has covered Talamhel in a sea of sand. From the depths of the dying world to the tallest spires of crumbled civilizations, those who have endured now live in the waning memories of a once lush, bountiful realm.

Armed with hope for the future and little else, navigate the sands surrounding the ruins, loot challenging dungeons, and head off evil by acquiring powerful weapons and items. You won’t be alone on your journey: Others will help you along your path, if you’ve proven yourself in their eyes.

Brave the sea of shifting sands to reach new islands. Explore the ruins of great empires and discover the entrenched monstrosities that lay within. Yes, Talamhel is filled with endless hordes of the depraved: The graceful Ferrum, wielding their curved blades with deadly elegance; the insectoid Hashara, overpowering their enemies in great, hive-sized numbers; and so much more. To face them, you’ll first need to select the combat style that best suits your skills. Make use of hundreds of unique weapon combinations to cleave, maul or spear your way through difficult encounters. Each weapon’s handle, pommel, and head have different stats, effects, and visuals – to spice things up, make sure to add the Spell Blade to the mix!

Sands of Aura is expected to hit Steam Early Access in 2021. The game will also be featured in the Steam Game Festival (February 2021).

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