My Beautiful Paper Smile Available Now on Steam Early Access


V Publishing and Two Star Games have today launched the first two chapters of the highly-anticipated psychological horror game,  My Beautiful Paper Smile, on Steam Early Access. With more than 20,000 Steam wishlists, the title has a 10% launch day discount for all gamers interested in purchasing the title.

My Beautiful Paper Smile is a dark, dystopian horror adventure that blends together a world of strange science, spirits, and dark obsession. Players take on the role of the “Joyous” who are masked children raised in an underground facility, trained to be ‘perfect’. The thought of escape is forbidden by the “authorities’ but plans to leave begin forming as a mysterious voice speaks to a child in their sleep.

The title is a horror story engineered to worm its way under the player’s skin through atmosphere, rather than overwhelm with jump scares and gore. With its pencil-sketch design, it is built to cultivate a sense of unease, and as players dig deeper into the puzzles of the Facility and beyond they will uncover dark truths.

A list of features include:

  • Evocative hand-drawn pencil art on a polygon world.
  • Developed using Unreal Engine 4.
  • An unsettling, dream-like experience.
  • A surreal world to explore, rich with mysteries.
  • Wield strange artifacts to solve esoteric puzzles.
  • Escape the facility through wits and stealth.
  • Learn to fear the wandering, deadly Faceless One.

My Beautiful Paper Smile will retail for $14.99 USD. Players who purchase the game will also receive access to Chapters 3 & 4 later during early access.

About My Beautiful Paper Smile
Brought to you by V Publishing and Two Star Games, My Beautiful Paper Smile seeks to bring a new look to psychological horror. Head to the depths of secret facilities, flee through dense forests, and explore a world they don’t want you to know in this all-new story-driven horror game. Set across four story chapters, My Beautiful Paper Smile is lovingly handcrafted, from the art style to the story and level design.