Mini Wheels gets a dedicated Steam page and VR support! 


Recently announced gameplay successor to games such as Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing gets its own Steam page up and running! You can already add Mini Wheels to your wishlist, so don’t hesitate any longer. Join our community and receive all upcoming announcements, discuss new ideas and become the part of our growing family of gamers!

That’s not the end of the news. Today, we can officially confirm that the game will receive the VR support from day one! Owners of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets will get the chance to shoot those rockets “directly from under their seats” to immerse even more in this colorful world.

Mini Wheels will include:

  • Engaging story. Help Pipo – the lost and lonely toy – find the way back to his favorite human through an action-packed series of races.
  • 4 game modes: Racing, Capture the Flag, Burnout and Boss Battle.
  • On track power-ups that spice up each race.
  • Extra long super slides.
  • Local multiplayer mode for classic arcade racing fun with friends and family.
  • Online multiplayer component.
  • Customizable karts – change both their visual and driving parameters.

The game is built in Unreal Engine 4 and will launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2018. Are you ready to learn about a little toy’s not so little story, use power-ups, and tune the heck out of your kart?