Mad Catz® Announces The R.A.T. PROs™ Tournament Grade Gaming Mouse For PC

Windows®10 Compatible Gaming Mouse Targets Competitive Gamers with Lightweight Profile and Customization Options


Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. (“Mad Catz”) announced today the R.A.T. PROs, a Windows® 10 compatible high performance gaming mouse designed for tournament play.

Expected to ship in time for Holiday 2015, the R.A.T. PROs striking visual design takes its inspiration from the critically acclaimed R.A.T. PROX™. In addition, tournament level gamers have played an integral role in the creation of the R.A.T. PROs informing the key features and components essential for competitive play.

Designed for speed and agility, a high-performance 5000 DPI Pixart PMW3310 infrared optical sensor powers this lightweight mouse (77 grams) that glides effortlessly atop PTFE feet. In addition, customizable features including on-board memory with up to three custom profiles make this an ideal mouse for eSports tournaments. This is supplemented by Mad Catz’ free auto-profile software which automatically switches to the gamers’ preferred profile upon detection of their chosen game.

A signature feature of the Company’s high-performance R.A.T. gaming mice range, the R.A.T. PROs also features adjustable Precision Aim, temporarily slowing the speed of the mouse to aid with aiming. For the first time, the R.A.T. PROs now allows gamers to set their own custom DPI for the button, enabling more accurate customization than ever before.

In addition, the R.A.T. PROs adjustable Palm Rest is modeled on the flagship R.A.T. PROx, and can be used to not only adjust the length of the mouse, but to also enable players to make lateral and horizontal adjustments tilting the palm rest (+/- 15%) to suit their hand size and grip style.

“The R.A.T. PROs delivers a potent combination of speed, lightweight design and customizability making it the perfect gaming mice for competitive PC gamers,” said Darren Richardson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz.  “The R.A.T. PROs together with the game changing R.A.T. PROx illustrate Mad Catz’ commitment to brand innovation in PC Gaming products through high-performance hardware designed for passionate gamers.”

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