Lost in Harmony Revealed – The first narrative musical game.


Today, Yoan Fanise, (former Ubisoft) just announced on Twitter the game entitled Lost in Harmony™. With a song powered by the talent of 2 x Grammy winning producer/performer/songwriter Wyclef Jean and famous videogame composers, Lost in Harmony™ is a revolution in musical gaming, it is telling a moving story only by music. The player will embody Kaito, a young boy who travels the world on his tiny skateboard holding a girl called Aya. This heart breaking story is brought by a highly emotional soundtrack, mixed of different genres from all cultures. The innovative combination of rhythmic and choreographic gameplay makes you feel the music in a totally new way.

“The idea of Lost in Harmony came from my past experience of blending music into storytelling. Magic happens when you see how, without any word, without any language form, you can provoke feelings into a multicultural audience by playing the right melody.” says Yoan Fanise, Creative Director of the game. “I was frustrated not to find a musical game that brought this level of emotion, with characters you care about, with a story you want to follow, it was more or less always about rhythmic tapping, about squares and circles. By marrying my storytelling experience and the talent of world class composers, there is a chance that this game will touch people’s hearts.”

The game, coming in 2016, will feature an original song written specially by producer, solo performer and songwriter Wyclef Jean, who has sold over 49 million records and has been a powerful pop cultural force for over two decades.

“To bring  music to Kaito’s fantasy world was thrilling. ”, explains Wyclef Jean  ”I wanted to write music that captured a moment in his journey that was both mystical and brave, and that could emotionally inspire the multi-national world that is video gaming and that Kaito lives in.  And how cool do music for a game that uses music to communicate!”

Lost in Harmony™ is inspired by Miyazaki and Kurosawa movies, through the eyes of Kaito, it talks about the troubling period of teenager, the will to escape confronted to the fears of life and death. It is a game incredibly fun and challenging to play but which has also something to say. There is another layer in itself.

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