Life Goes On: Done to Death available today for PS4 and on Steam


Using dead bodies to solve puzzles? Sounds morbid, and it definitely is in Life Goes On: Done to Death, a comical puzzle platformer released today for PlayStation®4, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Death is not a setback—it’s your only means to progress in Life Goes On: Done to Death. Deciding that dying would be a drag, a mighty king sends his army of knights to find the Cup of Life. You’ll kill knight after knight and use their dead bodies as tools to solve puzzles through each level on this macabre quest. Impale knights on spikes to create a safe path. Freeze knights into blocks of ice to reach higher ground. Electrocute knights to open doors. And even turn a knight into a slow-witted, violent zombie to use as your puzzle-solving friend.

Better yet: in Life Goes On, death is funny. Brave yet bumbling, the knights’ bodies flop and flail as they get caught on sawblades, fired from cannons, and zapped with electricity. As you sacrifice knights and solve each challenging puzzle, you’ll unlock new hats and weapons—think knights wearing beanies, while charging forward wielding floppy fish. There’s also a furry friend named Jeff hiding in each level for you to find.

Regularly priced at $12.99, Life Goes On: Done to Death is on sale for 25% off through May 24: