Johnny Gat is Back! Saints Row Beloved Character Returns in Agents of Mayhem


Greetings my fellow Johnny Gat devotees,


Johnny Gat is back in exclusive DLC for the upcoming Agents of Mayhem. Please see below for full details. In addition to Johnny Gat being available via pre-order at GameStop, PC players can also get him by pre-ordering through Steam.

Johnny Gat isn’t the only new addition to Agents of Mayhem’s playable arsenal you’re meeting this morning; please welcome Lazarus, the hybrid of humanity and machinery available to fans that digitally pre-order this summer’s highly-anticipated open world blockbuster.

True to her half-machine heritage, digital pre-order purchasers of Agents of Mayhem will be receiving a brand new Agent, Lazarus. This exclusive character, Lazarus, is a merging of woman and machine; the top rung of the evolutionary ladder. As an agent of MAYHEM, she encounters an endless stream of competitors ready to challenge her for that distinction. While she’s evolved beyond her own humanity, she still has a great love and respect for humankind as a whole. MAYHEM allows her to watch over those quirky human beings whose flaws and peculiarities continue to fascinate her to this day.

Agents of Mayhem is a single-player, open-world, third-person action game for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC gaming systems releasing on August 15th. For more information and to get the latest updates on the game, follow us on Twitter at @aomthegame or on Facebook at or visit