Island Time VR – Reveal Trailer


Pack your Hawaiian shirt and get ready for the spring release of VR survival game Island Time VR from Flight School Studio. Releasing on PlayStation VR, Oculus, HTC Vive and Steam VR, Island Time VR is a humorous approach to being stranded on a deserted island and will challenge players on their crafting and survival skills. Players and media interested in testing their endurance abilities prior to release can play Island Time at this year’s SXSW in booth 2266, while media can also spend hands-on time with the game at GDC.

After a ruckus journey at sea, players are shipwrecked on a tiny island. Using their wit, ingenuity and the advice of their new buddy, Carl the Crab, they have to find a way to keep from starving and survive as long as possible. While deserted, players will craft tools, fend off pesky creatures, try to signal an airplane and do their best not to perish. If time allows, survivors might be able to enjoy a beautiful tropical sunset and forget that they’re in a desperate struggle for existence.

Island Time VR is a comedy survival game where you play on an island the size of a coffee table,” said Adam Volker, Creative Director at Flight School Studio. “The game’s difficulty curve and secrets are designed to be discovered over multiple playthroughs. The player might craft a new item or find new foodstuffs they haven’t seen before. This trial and error is what teaches players to survive as long as they can.”

Island Time VR is comprised of an event system that determines when and what amounts of resources are made available to players. Survivors then use their expertise to perform tasks to stay alive until resources are restocked.

For more information regarding Island Time VR please visit the game’s website, or Flight School’s Twitter and Facebook pages.