Infinite Crisis – Hands-on Beta Impressions



I’ve been playing Infinite Crisis going on around a month and a half now. I try to play at least ten games a week to try out the balance changes and the new…”characters” that come out. I’m not going to go into much detail as this is just a basic assessment of the game as it exists at this moment. For the most part Infinite Crisis is a fun game but nothing mind blowing. It’s a MOBA game with DC characters taking on the roles of damage, support or tank.

So far the list consists of:

Gaslight Batman
Nightmare Batman
Gaslight Joker
Wonder Woman
Atomic Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Arcane Green Lantern
Gaslight Catwoman
Poison Ivy

While all of these characters have different abilities than their “originals” it feels kind of wasted to have so many of the same characters trying to be so many roles. It would have been better to just have different characters all together instead of skins. Did I mention that these characters all have accompanying skins as well? I’m going to stop about the character selection for two reasons; the game is in beta, and if they did release a whole lot of different characters at once they wouldn’t be making much money on sales later.

As I mentioned, Infinite Crisis is a fun game overall and because of it still being in beta I can understand the regularity of balance patches and such to try and make sure no one character is overpowered when the game does release. One feature that recently got implemented is the Twitch.Tv stream settings; essentially log in with your account, choose what you want to name your stream and so on; essentially the same settings you would have using their website. As awesome as that is to have built into the game I feel it’s a little premature to be working on streaming options when it’s clearly missing a key feature that, without a doubt, is the number one most requested so far – KEY BINDINGS.

Unfortunately, the only reply to numerous forum requests regarding this serious issue is “coming soon”. During one thread I actually saw the response that it “wasn’t too high up on their to-do list”. Veteran MOBA gamers disagree. If I don’t have the option to something as simple as moving my camera without the use of my mouse, which also controls my aim when using certain abilities, it’s kind of a big deal. Aside from camera movement they allow us to change our ability hotkeys for our convenience.

I’m going to continue playing Infinite Crisis and hopefully it all gets sorted out before it officially releases to the public. I would hate to see the only DC-based MOBA game fizzle out before it has a chance to shine.