inFAMOUS First Light Now Available for PS4


inFAMOUS First Light follows the origin story of Abigail “Fetch” Walker, a troubled and conflicted neon conduit on her harsh journey leading up to her appearance in Second Son.

After being captured by the Department of Unified Protection (D.U.P), Fetch is taken to Curdun Cay, a training facility and prison for conduits. Under the watchful eye of oppressive DUP leader, Dana Augustine, Fetch is forced to recount her tragic tale of abandonment and hardship. Augustine aims to reveal the truth about Fetch’s past and take advantage of her vulnerable state to mold her into a trained assassin.

Playing as Fetch, First Light delivers a fresh take on neon powers including her new combat and melee systems and exclusive power sets. In addition to the full single player narrative campaign, First Light also introduces re-playable Battle Arenas within Curdun Cay that challenge players to master their powers through a series of grueling objectives and compete for high scores on worldwide leader boards.