Blindflug Studios’ Aerial Adventure Game ‘AIRHEART’ Out Now


Blindflug Studios, the award winning Zurich-based independent development studio, is thrilled to announce that AIRHEART is now available to purchase on PC and PlayStation®4, with additional platforms to be announced in the following weeks.

PlayStation®4 owners can purchase the game via the PlayStation®Store, while PC players can pick it up on Steam, or opt for the Deluxe Edition – which comes bundled with the original soundtrack and additional bonus content.

AIRHEART is a diesel-punk action game set in the beautiful, vibrant, floating city of Granaria. Players will step into the shoes of Amelia, a young pilot who dreams of one day reaching the world’s edge and capturing the legendary Sky Whale.

Amelia must take to the skies in her customizable plane – soaring higher and higher through a uniquely vertical environment as she explores vivid landscapes, partakes in a spot of sky-fishing and takes on rival aircraft in tight, blistering twin-stick combat.

A robust crafting system offers Amelia opportunities to upgrade her highly customizable plane, crafting new items from scrap obtained from fallen foes. Funds can also be earned from sky-fishing, but doing so might have a bigger impact on Granaria’s ecosystem than it first might seem.

“It’s been a long road since we launched AIRHEART in early access; the game has evolved so much since then, and I’d like to thank everyone who supported us during the development process,” said Moritz Zumbühl, Blindflug Studios CEO. “Amelia’s plane is now ready for takeoff, and we can’t wait for the AIRHEART community and newcomers alike to take to the skies and explore Granaria. The Sky Whale is waiting for you!”

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