IGF-winning archeology game Heaven’s Vault coming to Nintendo Switch on Jan. 28


In the Nebula, far-flung moons are linked by a network of rivers in the sky… but the rivers are drying up.

Robots once moved freely among humans… until the robots were buried, along with their secrets.

An extinct civilization foretold the future… in a language no one remembers.

Aliya Elasra is an archeologist. And she’s after the truth.

Releasing on Nintendo Switch on January 28, Heaven’s Vault is an open-world narrative game with a massive branching storyline and an entire ancient language to decipher.  Join Aliya and her robot sidekick, Six, to sail in search of lost sites, explore ancient ruins, and translate inscriptions that could unlock the secrets of the Nebula’s past and provide the key to its future.

Heaven’s Vault is an incredibly flexible narrative experience with a complex linguistic puzzle at its core. Every decision you make — and every translation you guess — feeds back into the story to weave a tale that changes and expands each time you replay it.

Following its initial PC and PS4 release, Heaven’s Vault won the IGF’s Excellence in Narrative award and was recognized by the New Yorker, BAFTA, Mashable, Paste, GamesIndustry.biz, and others as one of 2019’s best games. The game is developed by inkle, creators of 80 Days, which is also available for Nintendo Switch.

This new version of Heaven’s Vault has been optimized for the Nintendo Switch console and includes both Joy-Con and touch screen controls. It will sell for $17.99 / £14.99 / €15.99 as a Nintendo eShop download.