The Time Crystals are five magical artifacts that keep time and space together and running. As the Guardian of Time, your job is to keep them safe. For a long time that wasn’t a real challenge… so much that you were caught unprepared when the trickster and troublemaker Ghasti broke your 600th party and stole the Time Crystals away! Ghasti fleed to the peaceful world of Mandragora, inhabited by the playful and usually helpful (but not too creative when it comes to naming) Mandragoras. Now you have to get the Crystals back, and real soon – or the world of Mandragora could just dissolve away! Play as Elli the Guardian of Time in this beautiful hand-crafted puzzle-platformer adventure. Guide her on a perilous journey through the land of Mandragora, avoiding traps and solving puzzles through awe-inspiring landscapes such as lavish beaches, ancient temples, mountain tops, caverns filled with forgotten technology, and much more.  And hurry up – Elli’s birthday is almost over and you’ve got a world to save!


  • Discover the beautiful world of Mandragora and its wonderful locations, from lavish beaches to ancient temples
  • Overcome all kind of dangers in exciting platforming sections with simple pick up and play controls, perfect for kids of all ages (from 7 to 99 years old!) 
  • Solve the clever puzzles made of ancient Mandragora technology that will block your way
  • Use your magic to shock enemies, reveal hidden objects, and protect yourself from some hazards with a temporal magical shield
  • Collect gems scattered all over the world and put your skills to the test by finding deviously hidden coins…
  • …and spend them to customize Elli’s appearance with a variety of robes, staffs, and hats!
  • Enjoy a vast and ever-changing soundtrack that blends the themes of the world and underscores Elli’s adventure

Elli, the beautiful puzzle-platformer by Sweden-based indie studio Bandana Kid, is available as a Nintendo Switch exclusive for $19.99 / €19.99.