Hellion – Launch Date Announcement!


First-person multiplayer space survival game Hellion is launching on Steam Early Access on 24th Feb. Hellion players set out on a journey to survive in the remnants of what was supposed to be the first human interstellar colony thousands of lightyears from Earth. The immersive seamless open world based on Newtonian physics allows players to pilot spaceships and explore desolate wastelands in the first person with no loading screens or interruptions. Beautifully hand crafted worlds and a high graphics environment creates an immersive interplanetary exploration experience. Realistic space conditions, intricate recourse gathering mechanics and a range of possible player interactions makes Hellion stand out from other sci-fi survival titles because it’s not only more complex but also gives players the freedom of choice to survive in unexpected ways.

In Hellion players awaken from cryosleep to explore the hostile universe with derelict spaceships and ruined outposts in an attempt to uncover what happened to the colony they were supposed to thrive in. The Hellion universe is so complex that it will require players to not only ensure that all survival requirements are met by mining resources and maintaining their base, but also calls for a variety of player interactions from PvP battles for loot and scarce resources to cooperation in order to pilot the bigger spaceships.

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