HAWKEN, the team-based, first person shooter developed by Reloaded Games and published by 505 Games, is now available via digital download for free on Xbox One. The mech combat game features incredible alien landscapes, customizable and upgradable mechs, and dynamic experiences across multiple competitive game modes. For a one week only, a Founder’s Bundle is available at an incredible value and includes access to additional mechs, weapons, and currency.

The Founder’s Bundle includes the following:

  • Early access to a fully upgraded G2-Charge mech with an exclusive skin
  • The Vanguard heavy mech
  • 50 consumables and holo taunts
  • 1,275 MC (hard currency) for buying additional mechs
  • 5,000 HC (soft currency) for upgrading player’s favorite mechs

Also available for free to all Xbox Gold members is a bundle that includes the Nief light mech with an exclusive skin.

HAWKEN is available via digital download for free on the Xbox One and coming to PlayStation 4 on July 8th.