Go ‘Beyond the Veil’ this April and embark on an existential bullet filled journey

Developer Incubator creations has announced that bullet hell shoot ‘em up hybrid Beyond the Veil will be releasing on Steam on April 19th. The studio will be bringing an unforgiving and harsh world to players where madness is all around but the gods are nowhere to be found.

Inspired by classic bullet hell and shoot ‘em up games, Beyond the Veil will take players on a lore-filled (and bullet-filled) journey as the Wanderer to discover what happened to the gods and why they have abandoned the now wasteland world. Incorporating RPG mechanics, players will have to be resourceful and crafty when navigating the post-apocalyptic world. They will be required to gather resources and choose which powerful attributes and stat increases to give their character.

For those players looking for a challenge, Beyond the Veil features timed trials that will give players the opportunity to earn weapons, accessories, and inscriptions to give them the edge in combat against the hordes of enemies they will face. Featuring top-down combat movement and awareness are key to survival in Beyond the Veil’s real-time bloody battles.

A full list of features include:

  • A Rich Story – Explore the narrative of Beyond the Veil, uncover what happened to the gods, and why you are here. Find others in the wasteland to help you, and listen to their stories.
  • Procedural Maps – Discover the secrets of the five kingdoms of the gods. Procedural maps make each playthrough unique, presenting different advantages and challenges as you explore. From rain and fog to lightning storms and hurricanes, the dynamic weather system can upset even the best-made plans.
  • RPG Mechanics – Develop characters as you see fit. Take on trials to increase their stats or give them powerful passive abilities. Equip a plethora of different weapons, accessories, and inscriptions to give you an edge in combat.
  • Top Down Combat – Fight hordes of enemies in real-time, bloody combat. Use weapons, skills, and the environment to your advantage to survive. Movement and awareness are key to survival, but fleeing is always an option when things get too tough.

Players will uncover the secrets of the five kingdoms in Beyond the Veil through procedurally generated maps and a dynamic weather system that presents a unique experience with every play through. Beyond the Veil will be coming to Steam on April 19th. To find out more about Incubator Creations visit the official site here.

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