Enhance GX-H3 PC Gaming Headset Review


If you’ve ever strolled down the PC gaming aisle at Best Buy or searched for gaming headsets online you already know your choices are not limited when it comes to personal audio solutions for your gaming needs. Accessory Power has quite the selection of headsets (and other products), but the Enhance GX-H3 is our first time reviewing any of them.  So can this budget stereo gaming headset make a splash in a sea of competition?

Enhance-GX-H3Out of the box, the Enhance GX-H3 immediately shows off its cosmetic appeal with a stylish black and blue design, comfy padded ear cups, and lengthy bright blue cable. The headband is padded and has a 4” range to fit any head size. This is the first non-USB headset I’ve used in over three years, so there was a bit of behind-the-scenes work in control panel to get these guys working properly – not much but not exactly plug-n-play.  The rotating boom mic allows for minor bending adjustments and despite the lack of any foam I had no “popping” issues when speaking.

Perhaps the most impressive feature (or maybe spec is a better word) is that the headset only weighs 10 ounces. I have empty headset boxes lying around that weigh more than that, and in fact when I was unpacking the Enhance GX-H3 from its shipping box I quite literally thought they had sent me an empty box.   These things weigh “nothing” making them virtually unnoticeable while wearing them with the exception of being attached to your PC with a 104” leash.

GX-H3_cables2-480x480And let’s talk about that leash. While I almost always prefer wireless headphones I realize you can never hit a sub-$100 price point and cut the wires, but the 8.6-foot cord on the Enhance GX-H3 is simply too short and the reason I can never use these beyond the scope of this review.  I’m sure I’m not alone in making the move to a living room PC; especially with 4K gaming and big screen TV’s, and I sit about 10-feet from the TV and 12-feet from the computer when playing games.  My choices were to get audio extensions or sit four feet closes to the computer, which put me six feet from an 80” TV.  The in-line controls, which allow for independent adjustment of game and mic audio along with a mic mute switch, hang about 12” off the headset putting the controls chest high for easy access.

As for performance, the Enhance GX-H3 delivers 100mW of speaker power and a sensitivity of 105 +- 3 dB. The frequency response ranges from as low as 20Hz to as much as 20kHz, which is more than adequate for most gamers and music lovers. I tested these headphones on games like DOOM and The Division, and while they certainly cover a full range of frequencies, the 2D stereo nature of the audio – especially after a year or more of surround headphone usage – just falls flat.  The lack of any surround audio (virtual or otherwise) is certainly a setback for those wanting to enjoy games and movies with 3D positional audio, but then again, you probably aren’t the target audience for this tech.

The biggest thing the Enhance GX-H3 has going for it is the comfort and lightweight which makes them extremely attractive as a prospect for travelers who want something more dynamic than ear buds. My only wish was that the cord was longer or better yet, longer with a breakaway plug at the in-line adapter so you could easily use these headphones with a cell phone or laptop without carrying around an 8-foot bundle of rubber.  Then again, to use these as normal headphone you’d want a detachable mic and then we start creating a device beyond the target price.

GX-H3_coil-480x480Available for $34.99, the Enhance GX-H3 maintains its low price point by minimizing extras while maintaining comfort and quality. There is no fancy padded box or extra padded ear covers or carrying case, etc.  The 104” cable is thick rubber rather than braided fiber, and the boom mic is not detachable, but these are all features you’d expect in a headset twice the price.   In a world where we associate price with quality and premium gaming headsets are in the $200-300 range one would ask who the target audience is for the GX-H3?

After a week of testing I’d have to say anyone looking for no-frills, good quality audio, at an affordable price.  It also helps if you are still gaming at a desk, because these don’t work so well in a living room gaming situation.