Forced Showdown- The Deadliest Gameshow in the Galaxy! Now Available on Steam!


Forced Showdown is a modern mash-up of a top-down, twin stick action rogue-lite that combines the strategy of a deck-building card game. Take control of one of four gladiators in a Galactic Game Show hosted by the Computer-Simulated Arena Referee (C-SAR) to win the approval of the crowd and become the Galaxy’s favorite. It’s a kill or be killed affair where you’ll end up either adored by thousands or as dinner for a hungry Titan.


  • 4 Unique Gladiators and Play Styles Each champion has their own unique weapon and special abilities. Unlock their true potential by exploring and extending their possibilities with cards.
  • Play Your Way: Deck-Building Build the perfect deck of cards to enhance the abilities of your champion.
  • Endless Replayablity Hone your skills in campaign mode then compete in the daily challenges to see who is the most dangerous gladiator this side of the galaxy. New seasons every month!
  • It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Companion creatures can help you overcome the dangers of the arena with their extraordinary abilities..
  • Exotic Enemies C-SAR has ensured a great host of varied enemies, all with unique fighting styles and skills. Slay the mighty Titans and win the adoration of the spectators.
  • Are You Not Entertained? C-SAR has an almost endless amount of procedurally generated arenas, show rules, show boons, quests, cards, enemies, bosses, boss cards, companions, worlds, traps, online competitions and more.