Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China leaves Early Access, full release now available worldwide


Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China (“FTSOC”), the historical air-combat action game based on the events of America’s secret volunteer squadrons who flew combat in Southeast Asia during World War 2, launches today on Steam in 13 languages including English, German, Russian and Chinese.

Published and developed by Ace Maddox, FTSOC was created in Steam’s Early Access program allowing the development team to gather ongoing feedback from the game’s community while iterating, improving and adding new content and features to the game on a near-monthly basis for over a year and a half.

The Digital Deluxe Edition, also available today, contains the Paradise Island DLC which includes the Phi Phi Islands dogfight and multiplayer map, and two amphibious fighters: the Japanese A6M2-N “Rufe” and the US Navy SC-1 “Seahawk”, plus the digital soundtrack OST featuring original music from the game.

Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China is priced at $14.99/€14.99/£10.99 for the standard version, with the digital deluxe edition costing $18.99/€18.99/£13.99. Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China is rated 17+ M for Mature by the ESRB.

FTSOC is available in 13 languages: English, Spanish, French, Polish, German, Portuguese-Brazil, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Italian, Czech, Turkish, and Japanese.


  • RARELY DEPICTED AIR-BATTLES OF WORLD WAR 2 Action-packed campaign recreates the clandestine operations of the American Volunteer Group in fighter, bomber, gunner, reconnaissance, torpedo, and night missions.
  • APPROACHABLE TAKE ON AIR-COMBAT Features TrazerTime™ slow-motion precision firing, arcade-like combat maneuvers, sim-style pitch & roll controls, moody weathers (including thunderous monsoons, beautiful sunsets and misty dawns), 20+ Allied and Japanese planes, adjustable mouse & keyboard, gamepad, and flightstick controls, and more!
  • MULTIPLAYER FOR UP TO 16 PLAYERS Steam leaderboards eternalize players’ online rankings across five battle modes! Coordinate devastating air-attacks in TEAM DOGFIGHT while providing cover for your comrades, outdo all enemies using powerful rocket weaponry in ROCKET BATTLE VS, or take to the skies to “Capture the Flag” in the FLAGBUSTERS mode.
  • PAY ONCE AND PLAY No micro-transactions or F2P-elements — for a single purchase, you’ll get the full, stand-alone experience — with unrestricted multiplayer!
  • FLY IN COCKPIT OR THIRD-PERSON MODE Soar through the skies of Southeast Asia in third-person or cockpit view in a variety of American, British, Russian/Chinese, and Japanese aircraft.
  • STRIKING RENDITION OF THE FAR EAST Faithful environments, beautiful graphics, booming sound effects and an epic-orchestral soundtrack create a lasting impression of the China-Burma-India theatre.

About FTSOC Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China (acronym: FTSOC) is a historical air-combat action game based on the events of America’s secret volunteer squadrons that helped defend Southeast Asia in the China-Burma-India (CBI) Theatre of World War 2 (aka the Second Sino-Japanese War). Secretly recruited under President Roosevelt’s authority, the “Flying Tigers” were officially known as the American Volunteer Group (AVG) and initially consisted of three pursuit squadrons led by the infamous US-China military tactician and airman Claire Lee Chennault.