With more than 20 games on display Konami was easily one of the most impressive booths at E3 this year. Their trademark big-screen display was showing off the new Metal Gear Solid 3 movie that was causing huge congestion problems just trying to get in and out of the South Hall. Here is just a sample of the killer stuff you can expect from Konami in the upcoming year.

Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (PS2)
Get out your lobster bibs and prepare to drool. Castlevania is about to make its long-awaited next-generation console debut this November and is also the first 3D Castlevania game developed by the series’ luminary producer Koji Igarashi

Set in the 11th Century, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence thrusts players ten centuries into the past and casts them in the role of Leon Belmont, the forefather of the legendary Belmont Clan and the first in the family’s long line of vampire hunters. The rich story of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence follows Leon through the perilous forest and into Dracula’s foreboding gothic Castle.

Upon entering the castle, players will step into an ethereal world that is guarded by blood thirsty guards and ruled by Dracula’s wicked whimsy. Players will face five doors – each one leading into a dark area of the castle – the Cathedral, the Theatre, the Garden, the Alchemist Laboratory and the Dungeon. Trekking through hundreds of rooms, players will battle over 35 different kinds of enemies before facing the final boss. Fighting tooth and nail in each monster battle, Leon must combine his whip and five sub-weapons (Holy Water, Dagger, Cross, Axe and Crystal) to defeat the monsters. Additionally, seven orbs can be combined with 10 action relics in order to create powerful attacks and stunning special effects. Featuring a fixed camera and intuitive controls, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence delivers a groundbreaking action/adventure experience that is designed to satisfy core Castlevania fans as well as players that are new to the series.


Gradius V (PS2)
Gradius V is the highly anticipated next installment in the Gradius series with next-gen gameplay and all new features, including new Option Controls, original level designs, new weapons, captivating missions and dazzling next-generation graphics.

Featuring the return of the Vic Viper and the series’ classic side-scrolling blasting action, Gradius V offers players access to 12 upgradeable power-ups including the new Option Bomb and Option Stock to heighten power and gameplay. In addition, the new Option Controls feature and beautifully designed levels create new challenges and obstacles for gamers to blast through seven intense stages of classic arcade style action. Gradius V is expected to launch in Winter 2003.


Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater (PS2)
Of course the biggest news and most captivating game at the Konami booth had to be the the new Metal Gear game. People waited in huge groups to catch a glimpse of the trailer that was running each hour, and I can't blame them. This new Metal Gear game is taking the franchise where it has never gone - OUTDOORS!

With the release of Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater, PlayStation 2 owners will once again dive into a spectacular world of espionage with new, highly detailed levels and characters, an arsenal of deadly weapons, vengeful adversaries, stunning plot twists and fully interactive environments. Now Snake must battle and coexist with his environment, which is often hostile and full of deadly creatures. It's eat or be eaten when Snake makes his new debut in this yet unscheduled release.


Silent Scope Complete (Xbox)
It's not exactly a new title but this is going to certainly be one of the best-selling games of the year for lightgun fans. In one comprehensive package, Silent Scope Complete combines all three arcade hits including Silent Scope, Silent Scope 2, Silent Scope: Dark Silhouette and the console exclusive Silent Scope 3.

Taking advantage of the Xbox’s capabilities, this incredible first person shooter boasts enhanced graphics and stunning cinematics. Increasing the game’s realism, the advanced targeting system and innovative 3D sound system allows players to precisely pinpoint and eliminate enemy targets. Gamers must efficiently and effectively complete each mission as they are timed and scored for accuracy. The 2-player option offer competitive or cooperative modes that will have players at the edge of their seats as they either work together to prevent terrorist attacks or compete against each other to claim precision shooting supremacy.

Fans of the series will enjoy the thrill and excitement of re-entering the world of an anti-terrorist sharp shooter who traverses the globe, targeting those who oppose world order and peace. Throughout the course of the game, players gain the ability to unlock challenging hidden stages. In addition, players will find that the game contains countless hours of gameplay and replay value with over 50 levels of exciting missions, exhilarating multiple endings and routes.


Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes (GameCube)
GameCube owners can finally "get their Snake on" with the upcoming Metal Gear game created exclusively for the Nintendo GameCube. The Twin Snakes combines the thrilling story of the original Metal Gear Solid with the spectacular graphics and extraordinary gameplay from Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty™. Using a specially designed engine based on Metal Gear Solid 2, this GameCube exclusive is being developed by Silicon Knights under the expert guidance of Hideo Kojima at Konami and Shigeru Miyamoto at Nintendo.

Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes thrusts players into a stunning 3D world of espionage and stealth action. Playing as legendary videogame hero, Solid Snake, gamers will infiltrate an Alaskan nuclear missile disposal facility occupied by a terrorist organization called FOXHOUND. While the mission is simple – infiltrate the base, seize the terrorist cell and neutralize the weapons of mass destruction, a.k.a., Metal Gear, it is the gameplay that is unforgettable. Only in this game will players truly feel like they are in the heart of the action, as if every step taken leads them closer to danger. Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes is an exercise in stealth maneuvers, covert operations and special ops.

Combining the essence of Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty into one unique experience, Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes adds new elements to the gameplay that were not available with the original Metal Gear Solid, such as aiming and shooting in first person view, hanging from ledges and opening lockers. Additionally, The Twin Snakes will feature all-new CG sequences led by Japanese film director and writer Ryuhei Kitamura as well as new character voiceovers, including the voice of the renowned screenwriter (X-Men) and actor, David Hayter as Solid Snake.