Fairytale-inspired VR shooter WOLF & PIGS: OUT FOR VENGEANCE now available on SteamVR


Wolf & Pigs: Out for Vengeance – a VR first-person shooter based on the classic “Three Little Pigs” fairytale – is launching today on Steam!

Play as the “Big Bad Wolf” and put a stop to the Pig Brothers gang in this intense FPS built from the ground up for VR.


The notorious Pig Brothers gang, feared across all the land, has decided to invade the New World – blasting and disfiguring nature in order to build a secret base. The “Big Bad Wolf” is portrayed as evil by the media – who obviously have been bought and paid for with Pig Brothers money – but this maligned hero is the last defense between Nature and pure, unadulterated greed.

It turns out that the Wolf has disappeared – and everyone thinks he’s dead … but there’s a sliver of hope: Our hero has upgraded his body with high-end prosthetic arms fitted with the latest armaments – and he’s ANGRY!


In Wolf & Pigs: Out for Vengeance, you play as the last survivor of the Wolf tribe – who now boasts two new prosthetic arms in a bid to take revenge on the pigs who’ve practically wiped out his species. It’s time to put a stop to the Pig Brothers’ reign of terror – no matter the cost. As you embark on your first series of stages – in hot pursuit of the pigs who laid waste to your hometown – you’ll be introduced to the game’s basic movement mechanics: a neat grappling hook that can be aimed at yellow targets found around each level. Once you get moving, it’s time to shoot!

Wolf & Pigs: Out for Vengeance features 4 weapons – including bombs, a pistol, and even a machine gun. (The grappling arm can also be used to knock out enemies after they’re stunned.) You aim and shoot using motion controls – swapping between different types of weapons (and your grappling hook) with both hands. The piggies will never know what hit them.


  • Experience an age-old fairy tale from a totally different perspective.
  • Move freely across the world through an innovative grappling mechanic.
  • Aim true, but think carefully about what you’re actually shooting!
  • Upgrade Wolf’s health, earn damage boosts, and more.
  • Explore the world along with thousands of interactive objects.
  • Enjoy environments fully optimized for VR.

Wolf & Pigs: Out for Vengeance is now available on Steam for $13.99 – a 30% discount. On May 20, the game will return to its original retail price of $19.99. Wolf & Pigs: Out for Vengeance is compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.