Don’t be afraid! Here comes Squadron 51 to save the Earth from an alien invasion!


We knew this world was being watched by other intelligent species, greater than man. They finally found their way to Earth from a distant corner of outer space. We, humans, welcomed them with open hearts… but we were fooled. They’ve promised us a bright future, and a good partnership of different species but it quickly ended. It turned out that Vega Corporation has no good intentions towards the inhabitants of our planet. Director Zarog – a powerful leader of alien enterprise immediately started to implement his plan to enslave humankind. Fortunately, a group of daredevils formed a resistance unit ready to fight the invaders. Squadron 51 will have to face a technologically advanced fleet of flying saucers. But fear not – they definitely don’t lack the courage! It’s time to join the rebels and take a flight!

Squadron 51 is a sci-fi shoot ’em up game packed with action, developed in Brazil by Loomiarts studio and Fehorama Filmes. Games development studio and film production company, joined forces to create outstanding game filled with cinematographic references in gameplay and stylized full motion video cinematics. It’s a dynamic spaceship shooter with 2D gameplay combined with a 3D environment, all in glorious black and white. The game’s aesthetics refers to the cinema of the 1950s.

Every stage of the game is filled with live-action cutscenes shot by a professional film crew with real human and alien actors – all supervised by the co-creators of the project from Fehorama Filmes. The final version of Squadron 51 will feature over 50 cutscenes! Gamescom 2020 is a great opportunity to present a unique behind-the-cinematics trailer which sheds more light on how the numerous full motion videos are made. Characterization, costumes, and CGI specialists have spent many hours preparing all the characters to look like they were taken alive from the old sci-fi movie.

In Squadron 51 players will have to beat 11 different levels filled with hundreds of enemy ships and demanding bosses. The fights will take place in various scenarios – snowy mountain peaks, forests, or between city skyscrapers. The game offers local cooperation mode with the second player able to join the game at any time to help a friend. During the gameplay, players will earn points that allow them to unlock new, more deadly weapons, and special upgrades for their fighter planes.

Squadron 51 is set to take off in 2021 to fight the invaders on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.  WhisperGames announced the launch of Squadron 51 for 2021, but you can already add it to your wishlist on Steam to stay up to date with the latest news.