DethKarz Brings Pedal-to-the-Metal Racing Action to Steam


Ziggurat Interactive, publisher of multiplatform retro and modern games, announced today the Steam release of DethKarz, a high-octane PC racing game that pushed the boundaries of technology with its original 1998 release and still blows minds with its incredible 60 frames-per-second visuals in 2020. DethKarz is more than “just racing”, however, as players can equip their high-speed fusion-powered death machines with missiles, plasma cannons, stealth fields, and more! The game will be available on Steam this Friday, August 21, for the one-week-only 33% discounted price of $4.68 USD. So get ready to grab it tomorrow and start tearing up the track, and shredding the opposition.

“Racing games as fun and exciting as DethKarz are a rarity in a genre focused so heavily on simulation, and so we are very excited to take the wheel and make the game available to a wide audience,” said Michael Devine, SVP of Business Development at Ziggurat Interactive. “Back in 1998, Beam Software pushed the limits of hardware to give DethKarz a sense of speed and danger, and to this day, that feeling is still there!”

Developed by Beam Software, DethKarz is a futuristic racer set in 2408 A.D. where the roads are ruled by fusion-powered vehicles armed to the teeth with tech — including stealth fields, homing missiles, plasma artillery, and more. Win races to unlock more cars, each deadlier and faster than the last, then tear up the track and blast past — or just blast away — the 19 other contenders all vying for a shot at the winner’s circle.

Features of DethKarz include:

  • Four racing environments each with three tracks: Metro City, Grand Keys, The Pole, and the Red Planet
  • 12 selectable cars with individual handling, combat, and racing characteristics
  • Ultra-cool car physics and track layouts that allow for awesome jumps and stunts
  • Three different race classes and hidden vehicles for enhanced replay value
  • Stunning graphics rendered at a smooth 60 frames per second to ensure you feel the speed

DethKarz will be available on August 21, for Windows PC via Steam and GOG.