Destiny: Rise of Iron Wrath of the Machines teaser trailer


Check out the teaser trailer for the new raid, Wrath of the Machine, that is launching tomorrow (Friday) at 10 a.m. PDT.

With the addition of the new raid, we wanted to take this time to remind you that Destiny: Rise of Iron is full of a wide variety of quests,  activities and features that go far beyond the traditional story line of missions. In case you haven’t tried all of these, below is a list of all the additions that players received with Rise of Iron:

Archon’s Forge:

  • Three tiers of difficulty:
    • Fused Siva Offering – 320 Light
    • Enhanced Siva Offering – 340 Light
    • Perfected Siva Offering – 360 Light
  • Multiple encounters per tier of difficulty
  • Unique armor set rewards

Plaguelands Patrol

  • Brand new Patrol mission type: Quarantine Patrols
  • Many secret areas to unlock and Dormant SIVA Clusters to collect
  • Two remastered public events to tackle

Post campaign quest to complete:

  • Exotic weapon quests:
    • Gjallarhorn quest
    • Khvostov 7G-0X
    • Thorn
    • ????
  • Unlock your first Iron Lord artifact

Record Book:

  • Complete objectives in your record book and unlock the new Iron Lord Armor and other great rewards

Destiny’s Crucible:

  • Supremacy – new objective based PVP mode that can be played as 6v6 or Rumble
  • New PVP maps – 3 new PVP maps to dominate, Last Exit, Floating Gardens and Skyline

Felwinter Peak:

  • Climb to the peak of Felwinter
  • Unlock a few of the other secrets hidden within Felwinter Peak

New and Remastered Strikes:

  • Three SIVA themed Strikes to conquer:
    • The Wretched Eye
    • Sepiks Perfected
    • Abomination Heist