Curved Space targets arcade precision – Demo live on Xbox One & Steam


Only By Midnight wants YOU to join the Energy Corps and wrangle some interdimensional spiders in Curved SpaceAvailable for the past few weeks on Xbox One and Steam, the demo has received major updates, squashing bugs (not the alien kind, though) and adjusting game balance based on feedback from its most dedicated players.

The arcade shooter has been tuned and refined to increase the skill ceiling. Among the many changes, precisely timed dashes now reflect enemy attacks, earning points. Lashing together groups of enemies and ramming them begins a melee combo capable of racking up huge scores in the process. The score counter has even had to be extended to accommodate for this, as some players were racking up numbers in the billions with these new techniques. Players are encouraged to try out the new changes for themselves. Only By Midnight are eager to hear feedback, too, to further tailor the game to its point-hungry players.

The demo includes the first act of the full game’s branching Story Mode, putting players in the well-worn boots of an energy miner. Once upon a time, mankind harvested energy from asteroids until the Energy Spiders started pouring in from another dimension. Now people just mine the spiders instead. With guns.

In the demo, players will have to master an assortment of high-powered weapons and special abilities aboard their mining gunship, including a lasso-like energy tether to chain together the skittering invaders and leech their power; this is the wildest rodeo this side of Space Texas.

The full version of Curved Space will launch this fall, and bring a much wider array of enemies to fight, weapons to use and strange space-warping scenarios to explore in its branching and highly replayable Story Mode, along with heaps of gigantic new bosses to fight. The full game also includes an endless Survival Mode, putting a player’s skills to the test in a score-chasing fight to the finish. All of this is accompanied by a pulsing synthwave soundtrack courtesy of FiXT Neon, featuring music from ScandroidFury Weekend and 3FORCE.