Crytek Releases New Dev Diary for ‘The Climb’


Crytek has released “Ascent,” the second chapter in its developer diary series for The Climb, the virtual reality solo free rock climbing game coming exclusively to Oculus Rift.

This new video goes behind the scenes with key members of the team to explore the challenges of hitting 90 fps with The Climb. Learn about the new techniques and processes Crytek’s artists adapted to make the game feel true to life, and get a closer look at the uncompromising visual detail that can be found right at your fingertips when you experience it in VR.

The Climb lets players grapple with the unparalleled fear and excitement of one of the most dangerous extreme sports. Conquer some of the world’s most daunting peaks and discover the jaw-dropping beauty of real-world locations like Vietnam’s Halong Bay and the newly revealed reaches of the Alps, captured with sweeping 3D graphics.

The Climb is in development for Oculus Rift and is expected to be available around the system’s launch. To see more of the game in action, check out