Codemasters Breaks Down Arcade Racer Onrush’s Distinct Game Modes


Codemasters & Deep Silver have today released a new trailer which focuses on the game modes of Onrush, the action packed arcade racer smashing its way onto the PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One on 5th June 2018. The new trailer, showcases each of the game’s distinct modes: Countdown, Lockdown, Switch and Overdrive.

  • Countdown – Countdown is a race through the gates against an ever-ticking clock. Hitting the gates will add precious seconds to your team’s time, keeping you in the game.
  • Lockdown – Lockdown is a race to fight for control of a moving zone in a 100mph King of the Hill free for all. Get in the zone and fight for survival.
  • Switch – Survive as long as you can hunting down your opponents. You’ll get increasingly stronger vehicles each time you’re knocked out, but so will they. Be strategic and work with your team to win.
  • Overdrive – Overdrive mode is a pure ‘boost to win’ onslaught until the very end. Get boost any way you can as quickly as possible and burn it up even quicker.

Teams in Onrush will chase both personal glory and squad-benefiting objectives using vehicle-specific abilities, teamwork and aggressive driving to ram, crush and crumple rivals off the road. Boldness is encouraged, as it only takes seconds to recover from a knock out before getting back onto Onrush’s thrilling courses.

Codemasters has also begun a behind-the-scenes Onrush Transmission series which explores the design, influences and goals the team approached the project in mind with. The first two Onrush Transmission episodes are now live on YouTube or you can watch here:

Episode One:

Episode Two:

Available to pre-order now, the Onrush Day One Edition comes with the unique ‘Vortex’ buggy design to help racers really stand out in Onrush’s stampede of drivers. Players can also get their hands on the Onrush Deluxe Edition which includes eight exclusive additional vehicle designs with iconic gold and black liveries, extra Crashtag artwork and Track Tombstones.

Onrush will launch on PS4 and Xbox One on June 5, 2018. For more information about the game, visit Fans can keep up to date with all the latest news by joining our communities on Facebook (, Twitter ( and Reddit (