Changes rolling out for Sept launch.


We’ve got some big changes coming to Game Chronicles starting this September but many of them are starting to roll out this week including the rebranding of our Livestream channel as we move from Twitch directly to YouTube.  Our new Game Chronicles After Dark Livestream still offers four shows a week, only now we’ll be broadcasting them straight to YouTube.  The Twitch channel will slowly be phased out, so join us at our new channel starting this week.

And while we will continue to use Twitter we are taking a much more active roll on our Discord server, so make sure to join our Discord for text and voice channels for the website and our live shows.  We’ll be looking for forum moderators soon for those who may be interested.  We’ve even added a Discord invite link to the top menu of the site.

And finally, we are preparing to launch a Patreon page in hopes of generating some revenue to upgrade our capture studio to allow us to stream much higher quality content including 4K for both PC and console.  We’re still working out goals and rewards, so more on that next month…

Please enjoy all our new and upcoming content as we continue to make Game Chronicles even better for our fans.

Thank you.

Mark Smith, EiC